• Bigelow Tea

    Cindi Bigelow, President

    “Keeping up with today’s form of communication is essential to be a success in the marketplace. Social networking and blogging are becoming critical pieces of today’s corporate strategy, but a company must do two things first before it embarks in this direction.

    First, the top executive has to believe 100% that this is right for him/her and the company. Second, you have to find the RIGHT partner.

    As a family company, I knew how important it was to establish a direct relationship with our customers. I knew how important it was to give them a chance to know the family as well as it was for us to truly hear what they have to say. But we could not have ever achieved the success we have accomplished in this arena without the support and commitment of Creative Concepts.

    Valorie and her team are the perfect partners. They got to know us, know what we stand for, understand where we want to go and then built the appropriate links, and managed those networks that touch our consumers. I think about what we have been able to do in this area and I know that we could never have done it without Creative Concepts by our side.”

  • Ecover

    Kipling Wagner, Marketing Manager

    “Valorie and her team are top-shelf in every possible sense. We started working with Creative Concepts when we made the jump into Social Media in 2009 and we’ve never looked back. Valorie is thoughtful, creative, resourceful and whip-smart. I couldn’t make a more emphatic recommendation for an agency or an individual.”
  • Ouidad

    Patrick Campbell, Marketing Manager

    “Creative Concepts has been a great partner for the Ouidad brand as we have expanded our presence, dialogue, and relationships with our customers in social media.  They have created an amazing blog for that adds rich relevant content, search driven traffic, and discussions with our customers.  They have delivered creative ideas and content for our site and for other marketing programs.  And they have provided great advice on how to make our social networking programs stronger.”
  • The Children’s Aid Society

    Danielle Mueller, Web Marketing Manager

    “Creative Concepts has really helped us build our social media presence from the ground up including our blog, Facebook, MySpace pages and Twitter profile. They can always devise creative solutions to help us increase our fans and followers and have successfully worked with us on various special projects as well. Valorie and her team are the perfect partners and are a pleasure to work with!”
  • Pitney Bowes

    Matt Broder, VP External Communications

    “Valorie is great. She brings a great business sensibility to the world of new media and social media.”
  • The Clean Bedroom

    Chris Chamberlin, Co-Founder

    “Thanks for inviting us to Ecover’s ‘Bringing Earth Day Home’ event where we got to showcase our bed, mattress and linens.  It was amazing to see how well organized this event was. Your team managed all the details with ease. I felt like your reminders kept us on track, without them I would have been overwhelmed. The venue was perfect for this contemporary audience. The food was as sophisticated as the tone of the evening. From walk through to final execution I was blown away by the professionalism you and your staff demonstrated. Ecover is very fortunate to have you promoting their brand.”
  • Ruth Ridgeway Designs

    Ruth Ridgeway, CEO

    “When I met Valorie, I knew right away that her company was the right one for me to help me take my business to the next level. Creative Concepts is creative, full of energy and definitely has their finger on the pulse!”

    Elizabeth Souther Tarbell, Founder and CEO

    “Creative Concepts provides outstanding solutions for all your PR and Marketing needs. Their team really understands your business and increases awareness for your company through effective marketing and public relations. Their follow-up is excellent as they monitor the impact of each marketing and PR campaign. I strongly recommend Creative Concepts.”
  • Standard Oil of CT., Inc.

    David Cohen, EVP

    “Creative Concepts has come up with some terrific ideas and they have executed them exceptionally well. They really take the ball and run with it.”
  • eRichards Consulting

    Doreen Gebbia, President

    “Valorie and the Creative Concepts team took our business needs very seriously and executed solutions that delivered recognition for our firm.”